Saving Grace (Comedy)

Dec. 4, 5, 6 (matinee), 11, 12, 2015


Doug Munda (Director): Doug is excited for the opportunity to direct again with such a talented cast! Congratulations Jess, Craig, Glen, Dawn and Douglas on a tremendous job! He would also like to thank Lucy Roloff for all of her hard work to help keeping this show on track. And many thanks and much love to his wife Kelley and daughter Delaney for doing all the “extras” at home, so he had the time away to “play.”

Jessica Caruso (Grace Larkin): Jessica is glad to be back on stage after a long stint of hanging out with the ghost in the light booth. She is what some may call a PYT, who is in her twenties. Jessica enjoys vinyl records, strawberry fruit snacks, various adult activities and dancing about. Her theater background is a combo #6 on the menu of life and is thrilled to add Saving Grace to her lineup. She would like to extend her gratitude to the Reba McIntyre of community theater, Mary Bridgeland, for bringing the donuts. When Jessica isn’t on, off or lurking around the stage of Winneshiek Playhouse, you may find her at Your Core Being and Hair At 18.

Glen Wiegert (Walter Chepple): This is Glen’s third appearance on the Winneshiek stage. He was last seen as several characters in Winneshiek Players production of Tuna Christmas. And (long ago) as Murray in The Odd Couple. He is also appeared in shows at Pec Playhouse Theatre in Pecatonica and the West Side Showroom in Rockford. When not on stage Glen is part time “gentleman farmer” with his wife Laura and works part time at the Pecatonica Public Library.  He would like to thank Laura for her support (and help with memorizing lines). He would like to thank Doug our director for another chance to act out. Enjoy the show and come volunteer sometime so you can join the fun!

Craig Downing (Alex Docker): is performing on the Winneshiek stage for the first time since he portrayed Huckleberry Finn in the summer children’s theatre production of “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”. Since then he has had plenty of other opportunities to act, from middle school all the way to Highland Community College; where he is currently enrolled. Craig thinks that acting as a career could be in his future, but for now is just glad his community has given him the chance to get out on stage and appreciate the theatre. Craig would like to thank his family and Tim Connors for encouraging him to act, a decision he does not regret.

Dawn Degenhardt (Harriet Larkin): Dawn is thrilled to be working with so many great actors and is excited to be working with Jess and Doug again.  Dawn has performed numerous roles over the last few years, from a roll as a little girl to a soprano singer (even though she can’t sing). And she’s relishing the chance to act in a particularly “intoxicating” scene.  A huge thank you to Doug Munda for letting her be a part of this wonderful performance and all the time and effort he has put into this show.  Many thanks to Rich for his support and love.  Enjoy the show!

Douglas Rappa (Gregor Vanitsky): Doug is ECSTATIC about making his theatrical debut with Winneshiek Players!!! He has played many roles in community theatre around the area. His favorite roles include The Cowardly Lion (Wizard of Oz), Sir Lancelot (Spamalot), Ebenezer Scrooge (A Christmas Carol), & Captain Von Trapp (The Sound of Music). He thanks the SPECTACULAR cast and crew for putting up with him, along with “Doug, The Director” for allowing him the opportunity! He also thanks his BEAUTIFUL wife and best friend, Lea, for “ALWAYS” being there, along with his sweet daughter, Kinsey, who is stepping out into the mission field next year! Most importantly, he thanks his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, for EVERYTHING GOOD! Enjoy!!!

Saving Grace (Comedy) by Jack Sharkey, Dec. 4, 5, 6 (matinee), 11, 12, 2015. Grace is a warmhearted girl who constantly compares her life to heroines in old movies. Grace’s boss, Walter, hopes their working relationship will blossom into romance. Their first date goes awry when Alex, the telephone repairman, arrives. Grace mistakes him for a burglar, and tries to convert him from his life of crime. Enter her strait-laced sister Harriet, and Grace has to pretend that Alex is her husband. Complications and misunderstandings abound in this fast-moving farce.